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Stihl HS45     $299     27.2cc     4.7kg     450mm blade






Stihl HS45     $349     27.2cc     5kg     600mm blade





Stihl HS46 C     $599     21.4cc     4.3kg     550mm blade     360 view





Stihl HS56 C     $699     21.4cc     4.5kg     600mm blade







Stihl HS82 T     
$999     22.7cc     5.2kg     600mm blade







Stihl HS82 R     $1049     22.7cc     5.7kg     750mm blade





Stihl HS87 T     $1199     22.7cc     5.5kg     1000mm blade













Honda HHH25     $799     25cc     6.5kg     720mm blade




*Prices are subject to change.
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